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Juniper Series Router

Juniper Networks offer a high-performance network infrastructure that help service providers, enterprises and public sector organiztions create balue and avvelerate business success.

Juniper's comprehensive Networking Platforms offers a wide variety of high-performance, reliable routing platforms, highly scalable Session Border Controllers and secure and assured application delivery.

DN-Systems is Juniper Partner, and Juniper Networks Authorized Consulting Partner JNACP. This brings the benefit from Testing in our own lab, to consulting and re-selling of your new Juniper-solution out of one hand, with one single point of contact.

J Series Services Routers

The J Series services routers, based on Juniper's production-proven operating system - JUNOS, are designed for the remote edge of large, distributed networks. JUNOS is a highly stable, modular software platform that delivers high throughput with the flexibility to easily add advanced features for routing, QoS, security and management without performance impact.

EX Series Ethernet Switches

EX Series switches leverage the same field-proven Juniper technology - including high-performance ASICs, a carrier-class system architecture, and JUNOS Software -- that powers the world's largest service provider networks. Each of the EX Series switches deliver wire-speed performance on all ports for any packet size. For instance, the EX8200 modular switches deliver up to 128 wire-speed 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports per chassis with nearly 2 billion packets per second throughput.the ideal platform for next-generation data centers.

M Series Multiservice Edge Routers

The M Series Multiservice Edge Routers, M7i, M10i, M20, M40e, M120, M160 and M320, uniquely offer best-in-class IP routing and MPLS capabilities with unmatched dependability, security, and IP service richness at the provider edge as well as in small and medium core, peering, and data center applications.

MX Series Ethernet Services Routers

Grow your Enterprise networking business with Juniper's high performance MX Series Ethernet Services Routers designed for the demanding connectivity needs of the data center, regional office and head office. Built on highly stable, modular and powerful JUNOS software, Juniper's MX Series delivers high throughput with the flexibility to easily add advanced features for routing, QoS, security and management without performance impact.

T Series Core Routers

T Series Core Routers, T320 and T640, deliver breakthrough economics by requiring fewer routers and eliminating intermediate layers, thus reducing complexity and dramatically lowering capital expenditures and operational overhead.

Network Operating Systems - JUNOS

JUNOS is the Operating System that runs on most of Juniper's networking gear.It is Juniper's single network operating system spanning routing, switching platforms on its router products. The corporate strategy of Juniper is to offer a single Operating System across its routing and switching equipments. The single operating system of Juniper makes it easier for both Juniper and users, and helps to differentiate Juniper from its competitors in the networking gear space that often has multiple network operating systems. JUNOS operating system is primarily based on FreeBSD, the advantage of which is the Unix-like environment: customers can access a Unix shell and execute normal Unix commands. JUNOS is platform independent within Juniper hardware systems.