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Unified Access Control

Juniper Networks Policy Enforcement

Juniper Networks Unified Access Control (UAC) is a dynamic, comprehensive, standards-based access control solution that combines user identity, device security state, and network location information to create a unique, dynamic access control policy, per user and per session. UAC is a uniquely extensible, open solution that delivers granular access control from the branch to the data center while reducing deployment cost and complexity. UAC delivers adaptive, scalable network and application access control for even the most diverse and complex environments. UAC addresses network challenges such as insider threats, guest access, and outsourcing and off-shoring, as well as regulatory compliance. UAC protects networks, their mission-critical applications, and sensitive data.

Infranet Controller

All policy is created and pushed by the Juniper Networks IC Series Unified Access Control Appliances, the hardened centralized policy servers at the heart of UAC. User identity, device state, and network location can be determined by the dynamically deployable, cross-platform UAC Agent, as well as via UAC's agent-less mode.particularly useful in cases where installing a software client is not feasible, such as guest access. UAC enforcement points include any 802.1X compatible switch, including the Juniper Networks EX Series Ethernet Switches; any 802.1X-enabled wireless access points; or any Juniper Networks firewall/VPN platform, including the Juniper Networks SRX Series Services Gateways, Juniper Networks SSG Series Secure Services Gateways, and Juniper Networks ISG Series Integrated Security Gateways. UAC also interoperates with and leverages the robust features and functionality of the Juniper Networks IDP Series Intrusion Detection and Prevention Appliances, providing broad Layer 2-7 visibility into application traffic.

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This policy enforecment solution can compliment your security organisation as well higher the level or your network security as preventive messure.