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Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT)

The computer emergency team will help you if your server is suddenly attacked by an intruder. Our CERT specialists ensure that your data are not destroyed by mistake. We will support your administrator in collecting and securing evidences. Additionally we carry out first analyses on the spot. Depending on the facts the DN-system CERT can also help you by getting remote access to your server.

The CERT supports you

In taking the appropriate steps for prevention:
Better than any emergency concept is prevention since the worst case will not emerge. We therefore support you in the management of audits and security concepts that are particularly adjusted to your needs.

Preparation for the worst case:

If the "worst case" occurs it has to be clear what has to be done and who will be responsible in such a case. For instance who will inform the administrator and the CERT.

Incident response ("first aid"):

Now it is important to keep one?s head in order to save the data, to collect and to secure evidences. Depending on the situation it can be necessary to separate the attacked computer from the system in order to stop the intruder - or to do quite the opposite in order to catch the intruder red-handed. Our CERT will support you ? whether via telephone, via remote access or on the spot - in making the right decisions.

Coordination of the steps that have to be taken:

Collecting all the important data, incidents, log file et cetera can help to get important information on the offence, the offender. At best the intruder is found and put on trial. Such a so called forensic analysis could also be used for another purpose: The results and experiences of the analysis can help to evaluate the prevention in order to be able to protect your company against similar attacks.

For more information on either of these services, please contact and we will arrange a time to learn more about your specific requirements.